pain words

Choice of “Pain Words” affects what you feel

Your mind interprets inputs from your senses, including your pain words.  Your mind can be a source of pain and also the source of pain relief, depending on the interpretation.  Amputees often have phantom pain in their amputated limbs.  This is an example of the interpretation of pain by the brain where there is no real sensory stimulation (the limb isn’t there) to be interpreted. Since pain is an interpretation, you can learn the skills to switch pain off by changing your interpretation. Eastern cultures like the Egyptians, Indians, and Buddhists have known how to turn pain off for thousands of years.  They use carefully chosen pain words. Those techniques are now available to you.

One of the simplest methods to alleviate pain is to change your language.  Because pain has a whole history of feeling bad associations that all your neurons remember, just banish your pain words like “PAIN,”  and “HURT” from your vocabulary.  Make these four-letter words in the same category as other vulgar words four-letter words that you banish from your lips, expel from your self-talk, and forbid others to mention to you.  Instead you think and talk about your comfort level.  Initially your comfort level might not be as high as you would like, but speaking of comfort is itself soothing and lowers the cortisol buildup that contributes to further illness and pain.

When you are suffering from pain, it is because some pain words have you considering yourself a “victim” and the pain is “persecuting” you.  When you take control and exercise domination over the pain, it loses its power and becomes much less severe.  There are several techniques for taking control of the pain.  One of them is the 60-second Pain Relief Protocol that you can get by registering in the right sidebar. →

Another technique for making yourself feel more comfortable is to focus on something that you like and enjoy.  Your mind can only hold one major thought at a time, so the discomfort has to take a weaker back-seat to the pleasurable activity that you are mentally engaged in.

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