pain relief hypnosis

Why pain relief hypnosis really works

The process of interpreting bodily sensations into pain or comfort is a habit that you have mastered over your lifetime. It resides in your sub-conscious, that part of body-mind where hypnosis is really effective. When you employ pain relief hypnosis, you change your habit of interpreting pain, and you are able reduce or totally eliminate your pain.

Your subconscious is the home of your habits.  You really like habits (we all do) because they free up your conscious mind for other things like deliberately choosing, speaking, fun activities, etc. To change any of your habits requires some re-programming in your sub-conscious.

Your conscious mind does not like for you to change things. Your conscious mind protects your sub-conscious from change because the unknown is scary.  It works on the philosophy: “No matter how bad things are now, they could be even worse if something changed.”  To get some changes into your subconscious, you must get them past your conscious mind that doesn’t want to permit it. Your conscious mind stands guard to prevent changes all day long.

What is needed is a way to distract the conscious mind so that you can give commands to your sub-conscious to interpret some body sensations as comfortable instead of painful.  What you need is pain relief hypnosis.  This can be done with a medical hypnotist or you can learn self-hypnosis.

You can do pain relief hypnosis yourself

Because your conscious mind goes off-line as you sleep, another perfect time to slip those instructions into your sub-conscious is as you are falling asleep and your conscious mind is fading away as it goes off-line.  For the same reason, when you first awaken before you open your eyes is another excellent time to inject change commends into your sub-conscious before your conscious mind is alert and protective.

Self-hypnosis and morning/evening instructions can both be pain relief hypnosis if you use the right instructions. For a quick process that is similar to self-hypnosis that you can learn in a few minutes, get the free 60-second pain relief protocol.→


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