Master Control Center for easy pain contro

Your Master Control Center

Your body has the master blueprint for health and is equipped with a master control center where there is a control for every function of your body, every emotion, habit and skill.  Each one of those controls is like a thermostat.  It has a set-point and your body operates in a tight range around the set-point.

If you have the thermostat in your car or house set for 70 degrees and the A/C and heater are powered, then your temperature will remain in a tight range around 70 degrees. If the temperature rises more than 2 degrees, the air conditioner turns on and cools the air down to 79 degrees.  If the temperature goes below 68 degrees, the heater comes on and warms the air to 70 degrees.

The same is true with each of the control for your body functions in your master control center. Also, just as the thermostat has a temperature adjustment, each of your Master Control Center controls has an adjustment that lets you move the set-point up or down. When you make such a change on one of your controls, your body tracks the control and changes to accommodate the new set-point.  This makes for very easy pain control!

Hypnosis gives REAL easy pain control!

I know this sounds like a fictitious, imaginary control room, a crazy, figment of my imagination.  It is in your imagination, but the miracle is that your sub-conscious takes commands from your imagination just as easily as it takes commands from memory and actual physical input from your senses.  It treats them all as equally real.  Therefore, the change on your imaginary control is just as real as things you are seeing with your eyes and touching with your fingers! You truly have a pain thermostat that you can adjust. Turning a control knob in your imagination is the easiest of easy pain control.

You can go into your Control Center, locate your pain thermostat,  and turn down, even turn off, your pain! I have helped hundreds of people do it.  You can do it too! Start with the easy mind-body 60-second  pair relief protocol→

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